How to expand your services and generate income with BackupAssist and Wasabi


  • For anyone looking for reliable and predictable cloud backups. 
  • 80% cost saving compared to other cloud storage vendors. 
  • Stay ahead of the competition by offering a better backup solution to your clients. 

Executive Summary: 

If you are running cloud backups, or want to start running cloud backups, take note.  

We have a solution that will: 

  • reduce your cloud storage & overhead costs, 
  • ensure data is kept private and secure, and  
  • you can access and test the backups from anywhere. 

Successful MSPs use BackupAssist + Wasabi to generate more income from their clients and simplify their processes, while ensuring that they deliver an incredible backup and recovery experience for their clients. 

Not sure who or what Wasabi is? 

Wasabi offers: 

  • Affordable low-cost and secure hot cloud storage with no egress fees
  • Data centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • 80% cheaper than Amazon S3
  • $5.99 USD per 1 TB/ per month in N. America (as of April 2022)
  • Industry standards compliant – including HIPAA, GDPR, CJIS, MPA and FERPA
  • Performance that is comparable or faster than AWS and Azure

How to generate income from BackupAssist cloud backup to Wasabi 

The combination of BackupAssist and Wasabi hot cloud storage is a competitive business-grade cloud backup solution. It is fast, secure, easy to use with powerful restore options, and most importantly – introduces new income opportunities for MSPs.  

The most profitable MSPs have developed new sales opportunities to their clients by providing value-add services through online cloud backup. They can charge upwards of $100 per TB/mth to their client while only paying $6 per TB/mth to the cloud provider.  

These MSPs are using BackupAssist fast cloud backup to securely upload data with the flexibility to run file restore and entire system recovery from the cloud. They are taking advantage of the maintenance-free nature of cloud storage to replace (often manual) secondary backup media such as external drives.  

Simple and predictable 

Some MSPs have been reluctant to embrace cloud backups because of the uncertainty in the costs involved, as well as the complexity of predicting and managing their clients’ usage and billing. A BackupAssist to Wasabi cloud backup solution simplifies all these! 

  • You can use the following example to estimate how much cloud storage is required with BackupAssist cloud backup: 

If you plan to:
Back up 100GB of data
Retain 30 copies of backups at any one time
Each day expect ~5GB of changed/new data
You can expect about 250GB of data backed up to the cloud over time. That is:
100GB of data + 30 days of backups retained x 5GB daily changes = 250GB
However, BackupAssist cloud backup applies data deduplication, compression (and encryption), so you expect about 30% space savings in cloud storage. This means that actual cloud storage is expected to be only about 175GB (250GB less 30%)

So, if you back up 1TB of data with BackupAssist to the cloud, you would expect 1.75TB of cloud storage over time. 

When it comes to billing, the Wasabi portal makes it easy to view how much Billable Storage is in each client’s bucket. This means that you can very quickly calculate how much to bill each client. 

Helpful tip: When creating a cloud backup with BackupAssist Classic or BackupAssist ER, we recommend that the bucket name is uniquely identifiable to a client. This will make the billing process easier.

Advantages of BackupAssist cloud backups 

BackupAssist Classic and BackupAssist ER are seamlessly integrated with Wasabi, and have powerful features like deduplication, compression and encryption. This saves time and costs, while ensures that your data is private. 

You can restore files or carry out disaster recovery from the client’s cloud backup from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, you can carry out test recovery for all your clients from a single machine in your office – saving time and costs involved in accessing remote systems or attending site visits.  


If you are thinking of running cloud backups for your clients, then a BackupAssist + Wasabi solution will cut costs and allow you to generate more income. 

The solution is not just cost-effective, but is easy to set up and manage, adds powerful backup capabilities, and improves your productivity. 

Don’t hesitate any longer! Contact our Client Success Team to discuss how you can introduce this valuable service to your clients. 

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