GandCrab Ransomware has been Cracked! Decryption Tool Here

Infected by GandCrab ransomware? A free decryption tool has now been released, allowing you to slip free from its pincers.

Back in April, we reported on a vicious new ransomware that was making the rounds called GandCrab. This malware gets its pincers into you by using social engineering to trick you into downloading it.

But now GandCrab has been pinched, thanks to tireless work by BitDefender, Europol, the Romanian Police, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies (Whew!).

The newly available decryption tool allows infected users to retrieve their encrypted information without having to shell out tens of millions in ransom to the hackers.

According to BitDefender, the decryption tool unlocked over 200 accounts in seven hours shortly after its release. They estimate GandCrab has locked down more than half-a-million computers globally.

GandCrab has been highly active since January, and has undergone several revisions since its release. It was considered the leading ransomware threat in July.

You can find the free decryption tool here on the BitDefender website.

Protect yourself against future threats and evolutions

Decryption tools are great, but they can take months or even a year to come out. Meanwhile, all your business data is locked down; or worse, slowly deleted.

That’s why it’s vital to adopt a multi-tiered approach, starting with having a tried-and-true backup solution in place.

BackupAssist is a backup and DR solution that is fuss free, and includes active anti-ransomware defenses (CryptoSafeGuard). Download the free 30-day trial today.

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