How Granular Restores Improve Business Efficiency

Users lose things. Passwords. E-mails. Documents. Your sanity. Sure as the sun sets, if they have something, they’re going to lose it—and turn to you to get it back again.

When you retrieve their lost data, you don’t want it to be a hassle. Granular restores (retrieving file-level items or smaller) mean you can bring back lost or damaged data with just a few clicks.

Here are some different kinds of granular restores that save your business time and money.

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange data is some of the most likely to get lost or deleted. E-mails get deleted (accidentally or on purpose), calendar and contact data is lost, or attachments need to be retrieved. Granular restore tools for Exchange help you retrieve this data with a few clicks, without restoring the whole database for a few files (which could take hours).

Considering the frequency this happens, granular restore for exchange is a huge time saver. It’s especially useful if you can directly inject these items back into a live Exchange Server or to a PST.

Hyper-V Items

If you’re able to perform a rapid recovery, bringing back a lost or damaged Hyper-V guest is a very quick process. But what if you don’t want to recover the whole guest, but just a few files? Hyper-V granular restore lets you avoid that sort of overkill, bringing back select data instead of the whole VM.

SQL Granular

When your SQL server goes down, you want to make sure you have near-zero downtime and data loss. Granular restores of individual databases—or point-in-time restores to a single tracked transaction—help you easily achieve your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Granular Restores: The Tool for True Pros

Managers and users look to you when their data is lost. The single thing they want to know? ‘How soon can I get it back?’. Granular Restores give you the power to bring back lost data in a heartbeat, making yourself look like a true server master when doing it.

Let’s face it. Most users think what you’re doing is data magic most of the time anyway. And granular restores aren’t just helpful; they’re super easy to perform.

Looking for backup and disaster recovery software that supports Hyper-V, Exchange and SQL granular restores? Try BackupAssist‘s free 30-day trial. It’s time you went granular!

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