Introducing our 2021 MSP & subscription plans

As a reseller of BackupAssist, our classic perpetual Gold and Silver partner programs have served you well over the years. As the world (and we) increasingly adopt subscription programs, we’re excited to present our plans for 2021 and beyond… and even more keen to get your feedback!


  1. We’re here to support your evolving business model
  2. Recap of our offerings for partners 
  3. New MSP programs for 2021 and beyond 
  4. Introducing the Managed Backup Console (MBC) 
  5. Transitioning and roadmap 
  6. You’re in control of your own destiny. Nothing’s going away! 

We’re here to support your evolving business model 

We know how much our resellers love our perpetual reseller program and the Centralized Monitoring Console (CMC). 

The BackupAssist Perpetual Reseller Portal continues to serve us well for what it was designed for. 

But in a world of software subscriptions and SaaS, we’ve had to completely rethink and redesign our offerings to suit MSPs, who require a different business model. 

Here is a look at what we have in the pipeline. As always, we welcome your feedback so that we can continue to serve you with the solutions you need in the future, as we have in the past! 

Recap of our partner offerings 

So that we’re on the same page, this is what we’re talking about: 

Existing offerings New in 2021
BackupAssist Classic
– via our Gold and Silver Reseller Programs
BackupAssist ER via our new MSP program
BackupAssist Classic
– via our Classic MSP subscription program
BackupAssist 365 via our new MSP program

New MSP programs for 2021 and beyond 

Core tenets to our new MSP programs are: 

  1. Usage based charges
    1. Add or remove installations of BackupAssist ER and BackupAssist 365 at any time
    2. You’re only charged on successful backup 
  2. Try before you buy
    1. Extended free use of our product range while you learn how to get the best from it, so you can make sure it suits your needs before you are charged
  3. Monthly billing for no hassles
    1. We’ll securely manage your credit card information on file, and automatically debit it based on usage 
    2. Monthly reports will substantiate all charges 
  4. Centralized monitoring
    1. Single email with summaries of all backup activity 
  5. Powered by the new Managed Backup Console (MBC)
    1. This is your new “single pane of glass”

As you can see, in order to deliver these new requirements, we needed to build new systems. That brings us to our next section… 

Introducing the Managed Backup Console (MBC) 

This SaaS platform is your place to: 

  • Monitor backup results 
  • Manage your billing details 
  • Set up your clients and device groupings to match your needs
  • Monitor backup results for multiple backup products

In the very near future MBC will support remote updates of BackupAssist ER and BackupAssist 365, making your day to day lives even easier.

Transitioning and roadmap 

For the initial rollout, there will be two separate systems for our partners, running in parallel: 

  • Old system – the BackupAssist Reseller Portal + Central Monitoring Console 
  • New system – Managed Backup Console 

At least on a temporary basis, if you’re an active user of both systems, it means you’ll be  

  • Invoiced separately for perpetual and subscription products 
  • Receive two sets of centralized monitoring emails (one from CMC, one from MBC) 

On the roadmap, we will provide consolidated centralized monitoring emails by directing results from the CMC over to the MBC. 

You’re in control of your own destiny. Nothing’s going away! 

As part of our commitment to being your reliable technology partner, we’re happy to say that our BackupAssist Classic products will continue to be sold and supported in the same way moving forward. 

If you want to continue with our perpetual model offerings and never touch a subscription – that’s fine! We’ve got your back. 

But if you want to move towards a subscription model, we let you do it on your own terms, whenever you’re ready. 

The first step is to contact our Client Success team, and book in for your personalized MBC setup and walk-through. We’ll create you an MBC account, give you a kick start with our new programs and answer your questions. 

For those of you interested in cross-grading some of your clients from BackupAssist Classic to BackupAssist ER, we also have a credit system for existing BackupCare subscriptions, so every dollar your clients have already spent with us will be put to good use with the new products. 

So just to recap, here are your options: 

  1. Stay with your perpetual partnership for as long as you wish 
  2. Sign up for an MBC account and be part of both perpetual and subscription partner programs 
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