New Report Touts Benefits of BackupAssist 365

Premier virtualization and storage analyst calls BackupAssist’s newest product a “simple, automated way to protect email and files from cyberattacks and data corruption”.

Melbourne, Australia and BOSTON (October 3, 2018) – BackupAssist®, a leading provider of automated Windows server backup and recovery software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), today announced that Storage Switzerland, a premier authority on virtualization and storage, has released a Briefing Note featuring its BackupAssist software solution, entitled, “Office 365 Backup Without Lock-In.

In the report, analyst George Crump, founder of Storage Switzerland, emphasizes that it’s the customer’s responsibility to protect Office 365 data, rather than Microsoft’s ability. He adds that while Microsoft provides ample protection from major disasters, it fails to provide enough “point-in-time protection” from situations such as user errors, cyberattacks, and data corruption. The report additionally points out several problems that are common with Office 365, which center around the fact that most Office 365 solutions backup data from cloud to cloud, rather than cloud to local backup.

“Organizations need to find a way to backup Office 365 data to protect themselves from accidental file deletion or a ransomware attack without adding too much complexity,” explains Crump in his analysis. “BackupAssist provides a simple, automated way to protect Office 365 data without having to get locked into another cloud provider or a backup vendor’s proprietary backup format.”

The Storage Switzerland report hones in on advantages of local backups, which include the fact that “the organization knows exactly where their data is for compliance purposes,” pointing to BackupAssist’s newest product, BackupAssist 365, as a recommended solution. “BackupAssist has been making backup software since 2002 and has a reputation for simple, affordable and reliable backups,” states Crump. Regarding the value of BackupAssist 365, the report notes the following specific benefits:

• Makes scheduled backup copies to on-premises (local) storage.
• Provides an air-gapped version of the data, via the local copy, to protect against ransomware attacks or intentional/unintentional data deletion.
• Stores data in its native format, ensuring it is immediately usable.
• Provides full automation of backups—as Crump writes: “just set up the schedule and BackupAssist takes care of the rest.”
• Ease of use, since the customer can use existing backup storage resources to store Office 365 backups.
• Offers easy-to-understand pricing/licensing models

The report specifies that BackupAssist 365 prices start at $1.00 per user per month for the first 24 users, with volume subscription pricing available—beyond 50 users, the licensing cost is only 90 cents per month per user.

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