Outshining Modern Tech: The Unexpected Power of Tape Backup Solutions

Discover how to achieve robust data security while saving thousands of dollars. Unlock the untapped potential of tape backup solutions with BackupAssist.

In this article, you’ll discover how tape backups can save your company thousands of dollars and protect your data in ways that cloud services cannot.

Some people think tape backup is too slow and old to work well with new technology. This is not true. Tape backup has evolved to keep up with the needs of today, and it is still very useful for keeping data safe and secure. As we explore this topic further, you’ll see how tape backup has redefined itself to align with modern needs, fortifying its pivotal role in data preservation and security.

The Everlasting Impact of Tape Backups

Don’t underestimate tape backup – it’s more than just a blast from the past. From its simple start in the 1950s, tape backup has come a long way, now boasting large storage capacities, swift data transfer rates, and enhanced durability. Today, it’s fortified with robust encryption and error correction capabilities, confirming its importance and dependability in today’s data archiving plans for businesses all over the world.

Forget the idea that “tape is dead” just because other technologies have come along. Storage isn’t a winner-takes-all game. Tape backup has special features that even new tech hasn’t beaten yet.

When it comes to specialized needs, tape backup still wins. It’s the top choice in fields that need to store really big data sets for a long time – like maps or video collections. What’s more, because tapes can be stored offline, it’s safe from online dangers like ransomware.

In short, tape backup is far from outdated. It’s a valuable, safe, and effective way to handle your storage needs today. Let’s now take a deeper look at what makes tapes so effective in storing data.

Unique Benefits of Using Tape Backup Solutions

Unlike regular hard drives, which can fail more easily, tape backups can last for many years. They are a strong choice for storing important files like legal papers or priceless ideas. Advanced tape backup solutions like BackupAssist add extra safety with strong AES-256 encryption while obfuscating file names to maintain privacy.

But it’s not just about keeping data safe for a long time. Tape backups are also a smart way to save money. They’re especially good for storing a lot of data over many years, and they don’t cost much to keep running. This is really helpful for smaller businesses that have to watch their budgets closely.

So, in simple terms, tape backup is both durable and budget-friendly. It’s a top choice for data storage that you shouldn’t overlook.

BackupAssist: The Simple, Secure & Smart Way to Use Tape Backup

Protect your business data and fend off cyber threats effortlessly with BackupAssist’s Tape Archiving Add-on. Imagine hitting the ‘backup’ button and then shifting your focus back to what truly matters – your business goals – all while sleeping soundly at night, knowing your data is safely sealed. That’s the peace of mind we’ve been delivering for over two decades.

But let’s not forget about the convenience factor. With BackupAssist, you’re not just getting top-tier protection; you’re reclaiming your time. How? Our software simplifies the entire tape backup process into easy steps. A few clicks and you’ve orchestrated a robust, fail-safe backup strategy.

With our email notification feature, you’ll also receive tape rotation instructions and backup reports straight to your inbox. Monitor the state of your backups from the beach, the boardroom, or the break room. It’s about taking back control, without the constant stress of server surveillance.

How BackupAssist Seamlessly Integrates Tape Backup Solutions

At BackupAssist, we prioritize ‘ease of use’ without compromise. Our platform supports almost every tape drive recognized by Windows, ensuring you can commence your backup processes without hassle or the need for specialized training. The intuitive design allows for a quick and smooth setup of your tape backup system.

Turning to security, we utilize the ZIP64 data format, not merely as a storage method but as a secure vault to ensure your data’s long-term accessibility. When paired with AES-256 encryption, your data resides within a robust digital fortress.

Lastly, our software adds an additional layer of protection by scrambling file names during the encryption process. In the event of unauthorized access, deciphering the data becomes an exceedingly complex challenge for intruders.

So if you’re in the market for a tape backup solution that blends ease with military-grade security, look no further. BackupAssist is your one-stop-shop for impenetrable data protection.

A Simple Guide to Using BackupAssist for Tape Backups

Start by launching the BackupAssist software and navigating to the ‘Jobs’ tab. From here, you’ll select ‘Create a New Backup Job,’ and then choose ‘File Archiving’ as your backup type.

Once you’ve made your selections, the software will guide you through various steps for configuring your backup job. In the ‘Destination Media’ step, select ‘Tape’ as the backup destination and enable encryption (optional – but highly recommended).

BackupAssist will then provide you with specific options tailored to tape drives, allowing you to configure your setup effortlessly. After setting your preferred schedule and enabling email notifications, you’ll get to the ZIP options. Here, you can configure your encryption password, which leverages top-tier protection for your data.

Tape Drive Settings UI


In this evolving landscape, BackupAssist stands out as a disruptor, not just a participant. Our Tape Archiving Add-on goes beyond mere cyber-resilience, offering unmatched security while potentially saving your company thousands of dollars – advantages often not achievable with cloud-based solutions.

So, if you’re serious about robust data protection without a hefty price tag, it’s time to focus on what BackupAssist can deliver. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial and experience the efficacy of tape backups for yourself.

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