Surveys Say Fax Machines Are Still In Your Future

According to research, not only are fax machines going to be used well into the future, corporate usage is actually on the increase.

Windows File Manager (from 1990) Now Available in Win 10 Store

Want to party like it’s 1990? Now you can. The archaic Windows File Manager from 1990 is now available for Windows 10.

Stop the Presses: Ryuk Ransomware Hits Print Media

The Ryuk Ransomware has struck again – and this time at the print media. The malware has struck several Tribune Publishing newspapers and halted production.

Google Fined 57 Million for Violating GDPR

If you thought the GDPR was a paper tiger, think again. A French regulator has just slapped Google with a $56.8 million for violating the new European law.

New Ransomware “Ryuk” Steals $4 Mil from Big Fish

The latest ransomware to hit the scene, “Ryuk”, has already raked in $4 million from victims. And unlike other ransomware, it only goes after wealthy victims.

Windows 10 Surpasses 7: Now Most Used OS

It’s taken three and a half years, but Windows 10 has now officially passed Windows 7 in usage share. But many are still on the soon-to-be obsolete OS.