Server Cable Disasters That Look Like Famous Paintings

Server Cable Management and how to avoid a wiring mess.

Is there something about a stray cable that makes your eyebrow twitch? Driven mad by your colleagues making a mess with fiber optic lengths, each one a greater trip-hazard than the last?

Well, we’ve got the solution for you. Don’t view it as a chaotic mess. Look at it, and imagine it’s art.

Sounds crazy? Not as much as you’d think. In fact, we’ll show you five shots of absolute cable monstrosities, and then an image of a famous painting. It’s hard to tell the difference.

1. Vivid Anomaly

First, the server room….

Working with network cable in your room server.

… Then, the artwork.

Networking your racks properly.

It’s like Jackson Pollock was peering into the modern server room from the 1950’s. And it’s not the only time!

2. Number 11 (Blue Poles)

This is the worst management of your wires possible.

Make sure your infrastructure doesn't become a cables mess.

3. Grey Space, Dotted by Peripherals

Data centers should make sure to avoid cable server disasters.

To avoid Server Cable Disasters, manage them properly.

4. Imperfect Hue

An example of a Cable Server Disaster.

A Jackson Pollock painting.

5. We Call It… White Space

A total data center cabling disaster.

Art, or a server room?

…And Now For Some Calming Images

We know your brain is probably reeling from seeing such server cable disasters, so here’s a nice image to put your mind at peace. While the above are organically grown server rooms, here’s an image of a GMO cable infrastructure.

A perfect example of server cable setup.

… Isn’t it just beautiful?

Avoiding Server Room Disasters

Your servers can suffer more disasters than just bad cabling. Not only should you make sure your work environment isn’t a trip hazard, but that you’ve got proper backup procedures in place if they crash (or you trip and crash into it).

BackupAssist is the top rated backup and disaster recovery software for Windows-based Servers. It’s used by Fortune 500 companies and organizations like NASA and MIT, right down to small to medium businesses. Read more about it or download the free trial today.

Images and story first published on Spiceworks.

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