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Here’s a rough guide to backing up Hyper-V guests (partitions) from the host (root) machine using the drive imaging method in BackupAssist.

  1. Activate the Hyper-V VSS writer for Windows Server Backup by clicking the checkbox as shown below.

    Hyper-V VSS writer for consistent guest machine backups

  2. Make sure each guest machine has the Backup integration service selected. Start the Hyper-V manager console, and right click on each guest machine and select “Settings”. Then make sure the checkbox shown below is turned on.
    VSS Hyper-V backup integration service
  3. Turn on Shadow Copies on each of your source volumes. As explained in Getting Hyper-V Backups to run fast, this will greatly enhance the speed of your backups.
  4. We’re currently writing a white paper on Hyper-V backups, which will include performance benchmarking, recommended best practices and restore procedures. However, this will probably take another month or so… so that’s why I’ve blogged about the 3 steps above so everyone can get started in the meantime.



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  1. In Hyper-V R2 using dynamic disks should be OK – Microsoft have done a lot of work on dynamic disks for this release focussed on performance – expect around 50% performance increase in certain scenarios.

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    just a quick question, can backupassist use Hyper-V on virtual machines?

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