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This is Raj from the BackupAssist Support team with my first post on our blogs – I hope you find my post useful.

Yesterday I had this very interesting task of assisting one of our clients who was looking to backup a remote SQL server, which was on a different domain and a different subnet.

While my initial gut feeling was to tell him ‘sorry, not possible’, I thought of giving it a shot just in case.

The scenario was (example):-

Backup Server
Ip address – 192.168.1.x
Domain – Test

SQL server
Ip address – 192.168.4.x
Domain – Sample

Initially the backup server was able to detect the SQL databases, but the backup always failed in the ‘Checking Destination’ phase within our software.

We tried changing the backup destination from being the ‘backup server’ to the ‘sql server’, but the same issues persisted.

Finally, with the help of Jason (our SQL expert from the Development team), we got around this issue by using a simple ‘pre-backup’ script within BackupAssist.

Example:- net use \\192.168.4.x\sqlbackup\sql\ /user:admin password,

\\192.168.4.x\sqlbackup\sql\ – is the backup destination where the SQL backups are stored
admin and password – is the user name and password of the administrator user account in the ‘Sample’ domain.

Phew, all’s well that end’s well 🙂 .

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