SysAdmin Halloween Horror Posters: Your Worst Nightmare

SysAdmin Halloween Horror Backup

There’s a rattling in the server room. Nervously, you unlock the door. One of your coworkers is destroying the SAN with a hammer, and he’s out of control! Three men wrest him to the ground. But the damage has already been done. You didn’t keep offsite copies, and the backups were on the shared drive!

In memory of the recently passed All Hallows Eve, here are some terrifying posters of the technological variety. You’ll laugh. Or cry, if it’s actually happened to you.

SysAdmin Halloween Poster: The Clicking

SysAdmin Halloween: 28 Drives Later Encrypted

SysAdmin Halloween: Invasion Data Snatchers

SysAdmin Halloween Silence of the Users

SysAdmin Halloween Ransomware Beginning

Restore Points for SysAdmin Halloween

Avoid a Real-Life Horror Story!

Protect your data from ransomware, hardware or software failure, or sabotage by a chainsaw-wielding employee. Use a 3-2-1 backup plan and reliable backup software (BackupAssist) to protect your servers from any threat. Use proper backup techniques and make data loss a fictional scenario!

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