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encrypting backups - more important than ever

Encrypting Backups – Why it’s More Important than Ever

Your data is valuable. And unfortunately, not only to your business. Data theft is a serious issue, and the very nature of an image backup means it’s an entire copy of all of your data and systems in one location. If you don’t adequately protect it, this potentially represents a significant vulnerability. Fortunately, protecting vital backups is


Encryption Part 3 – BitLocker and BackupAssist

Encryption can be used to protect a backup media so that if your backup is lost or stolen, the backup media and the information on it cannot be opened or accessed. This article looks at how BitLocker encryption can be used with BackupAssist.


Encryption Part 2 – BackupAssist encryption

Our previous article explained the importance of using encryption to protect your backups from unauthorized access. Now let’s look at how you can encrypt your backups using BackupAssist.


Encryption Part 1 – Backup encryption

We often think of data protection as just backups, but encryption is also an important data protection consideration. This article looks at drive encryption, and how it is used to protect your data from unauthorized access.