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NYPD Admits to No Database Backups

“That’s insane.” These were the words a Supreme Court Judge uttered again and again, when the NYPD admitted it had no backups for seized evidence.

CryptoSafeGuard Has Launched!

BackupAssist® today announced the worldwide general availability launch of its CryptoSafeGuard™ ransomware protection feature

Encrypting Backups – Why it’s More Important than Ever

Your data is valuable. And unfortunately, not only to your business. Data theft is a serious issue, and the very nature of an image backup means it’s an entire copy of all of your data and […]

Backups Protect Your Data: What Protects Your Backups?

Your business relies upon its IT systems and data, and backups are what make sure they’re properly protected.  You know this, we know this.  No bombshells in this article yet, right?  Well what might not […]

Spear phishing is on the rise – know how to spot it!

Spear Phishing has been on the rise lately, according to a number of recent posts by IT Professionals on Spiceworks. These kinds of targeted attacks can be extremely harmful to businesses if staff aren’t properly prepared, […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what we’re thankful for this year

It’s that fantastic time of year again!  Quality time with the family.  More food than any human should eat in a lifetime – let alone in one sitting.  Floats, parades and a couple of days […]