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What is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)?

If you’ve ever heard of encryption, you’ve probably heard the term ‘AES’. But for those of us who aren’t cryptographers, what exactly is it? We answer just that in this blog article. along with who uses it and how hard it is to crack. (Spoiler: Got all the computers in the world at your disposal?) What


Windows BitLocker drive detection pop-up

  BackupAssist uses BitLocker to encrypt removable drives. These drives can generate a pop-up message when they are attached to a server. This article explains the message and how to respond.

Bitlocker encryption times

Bitlocker encryption times – security is worth the wait.

As you’ve probably heard by now, the latest version of BackupAssist includes BitLocker encryption for System Protection backups on external drives.  This is an addition we’re really excited about – it’s a great tool that helps provide the high level of data security our customers have come to expect from us. As the BitLocker engine


Encryption Part 3 – BitLocker and BackupAssist

Encryption can be used to protect a backup media so that if your backup is lost or stolen, the backup media and the information on it cannot be opened or accessed. This article looks at how BitLocker encryption can be used with BackupAssist.


Encryption Part 1 – Backup encryption

We often think of data protection as just backups, but encryption is also an important data protection consideration. This article looks at drive encryption, and how it is used to protect your data from unauthorized access.