The Definitive Ransomware Protection Guide for Business in 2020
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Archive vs Backup: What’s the Difference? A Definition Guide

One of the more common questions in IT is “What’s the difference between data backup and data archiving?” It’s a common mistake to confuse the two, especially since many professionals use the term interchangeably. Let’s set the record straight: to backup and to archive is not the same thing. In this article, we talk about the

Worst Data Loss Disasters History

Five Worst Data Loss Disasters of All Time

Data loss. From burnt up scrolls to corrupted servers, data loss has plagued humanity since the dawn of written history.   Now, in the Information Age, we’ve never had so much data at once—or so much to lose. In this article, we look back at the five worst data loss disasters in recorded history and what could have

deluge of data - data backup

A Deluge of Data: How Much Do You Create at Work?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much data is generated by your business each day? It’s a lot. Since you work in IT, you’re probably aware of this already since you’re the one backing it all up, but putting figures to the sheer numbers across all industries (even ballpark ones, because there are a lot


Ransomware – FBI Says Play Safe or Pay Up

It’s 4.55 PM on a Friday afternoon. You’re just about to clock off and go have a hard-earned beer, when a user calls your IT help-desk saying he can’t access any of his files and keeps getting a pop-up message that won’t go away. Already, your blood is starting to run cold, but just as you


4 data backup innovations that are changing the game

If you’re not aware that data backup is important, you’ve obviously never owned a computer.  The simple fact is that everyone needs to ensure data that matters to them is backed up or chances are it’s going to be lost at some point. Trust us; you really don’t want that to happen. But don’t stress,


Does online backup have its head in the Cloud?

Online backup options are steadily increasing in variety and dropping in price.  Accordingly, the concept of offloading data storage headaches to a Cloud provider can be an alluring prospect to businesses. But while online backup may seem like the long awaited answer to our prayers, there may still be some irksome practicalities preventing a joyous