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Performing Network Backups? Use a Data Container!

If you’re performing full image backups to NAS or RDX, you’ll want to seriously consider making a data container; especially for point in time restores.

Image backup destination selection

BackupAssist’s suite of backup types includes System Protection, our recommended backup type for Windows servers. This article looks at the requirements and advantages of different backup destinations for System Protection backups.

Using the new Data Container

We’ve looked at how Data containers add flexibility to System Protection backups, by providing restore points from incremental backups and making the backups more portable. Now we would like to tell you about another advantage […]

New release: BackupAssist v7.1

Our brand new major release of BackupAssist, version 7.1 is now available to download, and is set to give you more flexibility in the way you protect your systems and data. V7.1 brings many of […]

Introducing – the Data Container

It’s great having your System Protection backups on other media. If your server decides to stop working or a hard drive breaks, your data is safely stored on another device. Once your server is fixed, […]