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5 amusing reasons why business backup is no joke

Know someone whose business doesn’t have a backup strategy?  Maybe it’s you… we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, because we’re sure you know how crazy that would be.  Unfortunately the sad truth is that an alarming number of SMBs still don’t have a well-thought out business backup strategy. Here are the top 5


5 great tools that every sysadmin should know about

As every good worker knows, you don’t need to blame anything if you’re using the right tools. Here we’ve brought together five of the most useful, everyday tools and resources that will help out every sysadmin.

Product Releases

BackupAssist v6.4.0 Released

Cortex IT Labs today announced the latest release in their flagship product BackupAssist. BackupAssist v6.4.0 makes a large step forward for the BackupAssist product in adding support for iSCSI backups as well as the all new RecoverAssist recovery environment. Highlights: iSCSI BackupAssist now supports backing up to and recovering from iSCSI devices. iSCSI backups out performs all