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How to Become GDPR Compliant

Is your business GDPR compliant? If you offer any goods or services to European customers (or collect their personal data), you need to read this article.


What is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)?

If you’ve ever heard of encryption, you’ve probably heard the term ‘AES’. But for those of us who aren’t cryptographers, what exactly is it? We answer just that in this blog article. along with who uses it and how hard it is to crack. (Spoiler: Got all the computers in the world at your disposal?) What

encrypting backups - more important than ever

Encrypting Backups – Why it’s More Important than Ever

Your data is valuable. And unfortunately, not only to your business. Data theft is a serious issue, and the very nature of an image backup means it’s an entire copy of all of your data and systems in one location. If you don’t adequately protect it, this potentially represents a significant vulnerability. Fortunately, protecting vital backups is

Bitlocker encryption times

Bitlocker encryption times – security is worth the wait.

As you’ve probably heard by now, the latest version of BackupAssist includes BitLocker encryption for System Protection backups on external drives.  This is an addition we’re really excited about – it’s a great tool that helps provide the high level of data security our customers have come to expect from us. As the BitLocker engine


TrueCrypt Encryption & BackupAssist – Recommendations

TrueCrypt recently announced that “Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues”.  We have been carefully researching the situation to provide appropriate information to our customers concerning this piece of news.


The 10 biggest data breaches in the last 10 years

Protecting your data isn’t just about backups, you’ve also got to stop others from gaining access to your data. Over the last few years plenty of big corporations, ones that we know and trust with our most precious of personal information, have unwittingly given that same data out. Let’s go back a few years and