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How to Hot Add & Remove Hyper-V Memory, Network Adapters

One of the neat new features of Windows Server 2016 is the ability to hot add and remove memory from your Hyper-V Guests. Officially known as ‘Runtime Memory Resize‘, this trick saves you a lot of time. This feature is different from Dynamic Memory, which we’ve had since Windows Server 2012. The key difference is: Dynamic


Server 2012 caught your eye? Here’s a few practical tips to get started

With all of the hyped new features, returning old features and cloudy developments coming out of #TechEd are you thinking about upgrading to Server 2012? If so, now’s an opportune time to get some of the tricks and tip under your belt, to make Server 2012 work smooth as clockwork.

picture of mailboxes with text "Reducing User Mailbox Sizes"

6 tips for keeping users’ Exchange Mailbox sizes down

  Keeping users’ mailbox sizes to a reasonable limit is something that many IT pros and system admins struggle with. Here we’ve got together some of the quickest and easiest tips, sourced from across the web, to make sure that you can keep your users’s mailboxes under control.


New Video: Setup a Rsync Client (lesson 4 or 5)

Setup a Rsync Client is the fourth of five video lessons teaching you how to set up a successful Rsync Backup. Watch how a basic Rsync setup can solve your off-site backup requirements. Tomorrow we will release the fifth and final video in this series, Seeding your Rsync Server .