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Virus Injected Into DNA and Used to Hack a Computer

Researchers have successfully proven that viruses can be weaponized to infect computers and take them over. And if that’s not the premise of a dystopian sci-fi novel, I don’t know what is. The University of Washington […]

Why WCry Marks a World Turning Point

I’m going to say something controversial, so brace yourself—the WCry ransomware was a good thing. Now make no mistake about it. Ransomware is evil. It’s used to literally hold people’s lives hostage. Just like a tornado, it […]

Stegano invisible

Invisible Malware Can Now Hide In Banner Pixels with “Stegano”

Over the last two months, millions of visitors to mainstream websites have been exposed to a new form of malware embedded in banner pixels. And if you didn’t see it, don’t be surprised. The new […]

Amazing Phishing Attempt: A Must See!

This spam e-mail is so well crafted, it’s both incredible and horrifying. Would your users know this was spam, or would they think it was real?

Does Counter-Phishing Work? Half of People Click Whatever They Are Sent

You know the feeling. A user has done something incredibly dumb. Like opening a strange attachment despite all the counter-phishing training you did last month. And your brain cells all scream at once, just one […]

Don’t plug it in! Malware-infected USB sticks in your Mailbox

It’s like the tale of Pandora’s box. Infected USB sticks are finding their way into people’s mailboxes—and curiosity is making them look inside. The Australian Police Force is being flooded with phone calls from residents […]