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About the Win10 Fall Creators Update

What’s in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Try new and updated security features, MR headset support, and a beloved Win 8.1 feature being brought back.

Found a Windows Bug? You Could Get a $15,000 Bounty

Found any kind of Windows flaw? Then you could be able to claim a big bounty from Microsoft, who announced all Windows flaws were now fair game. While the company has been running bug bounty […]

BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Cloud Independence

In this BackupAssist 10 feature article, we’ll be talking about Cloud Independence. Specifically, what it is, how it benefits you, and how this compares to other cloud backup software models.

Cortana to FamTana: Your Windows 10 Helper is going to be a mom.

Move over Cortana, and make way for FamTana. Microsoft has decided to make Windows 10 PC more family focused, and first on the list is the inbuilt virtual assistant. The move is part of a […]

Microsoft Word 1.0 - A History

IT History Flashback: Microsoft Releases Word 1.0

It’s almost exactly 33 years ago to the day since Microsoft released its very first software application, Microsoft Word 1.0. And if you think it’s expensive now, you should have seen how much it cost […]

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Launched! Try It Out Now

Today at the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Microsoft officially launched its latest server operating system, Windows Server 2016. Eager to try it out? You can download the evaluation version here. Microsoft also announced at the conference that Windows […]