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Our Seven Top Tech Predictions For 2017

The complete domination of Amazon Cloud, internet-connected glasses, and an anti-ransomware Batman. That’s what you have to look forward to in 2017. Read our tech predictions on the year to come. Unlike Nostradamus and the Aztec Calendar, we’ll tell you what’s coming in no uncertain terms.

BackupAssist v9 now available

BackupAssist v9 available now! Check out the new tech

The wait is over!  BackupAssist v9 is now officially available for download, and that’s seriously exciting. This version of BackupAssist is a huge leap forward in technology. In fact, it’s the most advanced software we’ve ever released, and it’s going to bring advanced protection to your vital systems and data like never before. So strap yourself in,


Discovery means 212x more storage on optical disks

Scientists in Australia have figured out a way to cram a petabyte onto a single optical disk, similar to a DVD or Blu-Ray. That’s right a disk like one of those old DVDs gathering dust under your TV could soon hold more than 10.6 years of compressed high definition video or over 50,000 HD movies.