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Recover a Windows Server: 5 steps every business should know

So, your server has crashed.  Don’t worry, you can recover it.  You can recover it, right? Knowing how to recover a Windows Server, and more importantly having the software and procedures in place to do […]

Disaster struck your Windows Server? Ouch. But you’re not alone

“Disasters happen with Windows Servers (and all that crucial data your business depends on!), whether you’re ready or not.” When we think of losing Windows Server data to disaster, it’s all too easy to go grandiose.  […]

Planning for a Recovery

Data recovery is the process of taking a computer that cannot start itself and returning it to a previous operating state. This means a recovery has to start the computer and then recover its operating […]

BackupAssist v6.4.0 Released

Cortex IT Labs today announced the latest release in their flagship product BackupAssist. BackupAssist v6.4.0 makes a large step forward for the BackupAssist product in adding support for iSCSI backups as well as the all […]

BackupAssist v6.4 Beta Available Now

Just released: BackupAssist v6.4 now includes support for iSCSI devices as well as the all new RecoverAssist. Get started with the BackupAssist beta. By participating in the beta test program you are directly helping to improve the […]