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Five Things In Life You Wish You Could Backup and Restore

We’ve all had that fantasy of being able to rewind time and get a do-over. It’s simple with data, but not so simple with everything else! Here’s a list of five things in life you […]

Recover a Windows Server: 5 steps every business should know

So, your server has crashed.  Don’t worry, you can recover it.  You can recover it, right? Knowing how to recover a Windows Server, and more importantly having the software and procedures in place to do […]

Disaster struck your Windows Server? Ouch. But you’re not alone

“Disasters happen with Windows Servers (and all that crucial data your business depends on!), whether you’re ready or not.” When we think of losing Windows Server data to disaster, it’s all too easy to go grandiose.  […]

Brand New: BackupAssist v7.3

The latest update to BackupAssist is now available for download with a brand new feature exclusive to version 7.3, Direct Exchange Injection for our new add-on, Exchange Granular Restore.

New release: BackupAssist v7.1

Our brand new major release of BackupAssist, version 7.1 is now available to download, and is set to give you more flexibility in the way you protect your systems and data. V7.1 brings many of […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning: Making Sure Your Files Restore

Concept art via Pixar So the guys at Pixar are sitting there, most of Toy Story 2 sitting in digital tatters around them with no working backups when Technical Director Galyn Susman realises she has […]