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Floods and remote backups: keeping data safe with BackupAssist v7

  I grew up in a small town towards the north of Australia. Every few years or so, the wide river that snaked through our town would swell with monsoonal rains and break its banks, spilling across the two bridges that brought the town together. Kids like me would be cut off from school –

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G’day folks, It’s been brought to our attention that the online storage provider currently has an expired domain name. At this stage, we are unsure as to what the full impact of this may be to BackupAssist users who are running backups to However, right now we do know that some BackupAssist users


Using BackupAssist for Rsync with Amazon S3

A new feature in version 5.2.5 of BackupAssist is support for backing up to an Amazon S3 bucket via the service provided by To set this up you will need a copy of BackupAssist an Amazon Web Services account an account with In your Amazon Web Services account, you will need to obtain