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Microsoft’s 10 S ‘Ransomware-Proof’ Claim Debunked

Microsoft recently claimed ‘no known ransomware’ would run on Windows 10 S. Which would be great… if it were true.

Your Wi-Fi Is Probably Not Secure

If you’ve been living under a rock since Monday, here’s some news you need to know. A huge, dangerous flaw has been discovered in the¬†industry standard Wi-Fi protocol.

How Secure Are Your Passwords? Probably Not Very.

Using numbers and symbols in your passwords to keep them secure? You’re doing it wrong. Chances are, all you’re doing is making it harder for you to remember – and super easy for a computer […]

Found a Windows Bug? You Could Get a $15,000 Bounty

Found any kind of Windows flaw? Then you could be able to claim a big bounty from Microsoft, who announced all Windows flaws were now fair game. While the company has been running bug bounty […]

What Is an Air Gap, and Should You Do it?

Ever heard of air gapping? It’s an important technique to keep your systems secure, and your files and folders free of malware. In other words, you should learn to do it, and implement it in […]

The Dark Web Knight Rises? The Anti Ransomware Batman

Remember how we predicted in 2017 that with¬†law enforcement unable to do anything about ransomware, vigilantes would rise up to fill the void? Well, it’s already happened. Just two days ago, cyber-vigilantes took down 10,000 […]