The Definitive Ransomware Protection Guide for Business in 2020
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Human Hacking Fears Raised

Last week, the FDA recalled nearly half a million pacemakers due to fears they could be hacked with equipment as cheap as $15 and available on eBay.


Wisconsin Company to Microchip Employees

If your boss asked, would you get a company microchip implanted into your hand? I remember being asked this question when I was a teenager, sitting around discussing flying cars and retinal scans. “It will never happen,” was my all-too quick answer. This week, a Wisconsin Company proved me wrong. Three Square Market (32M)—which sells vending machines


Thirteen Everyday Technologies That Once Terrified Humanity

Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. And humanity has spent a great deal of time terrified of both. Even in 2017, many people are still suspicious of common household items, whose inner workings are mysterious and unexplained. This is a portentous list of thirteen technological terrors humanity has been afraid of. Read on, and


Our Seven Top Tech Predictions For 2017

The complete domination of Amazon Cloud, internet-connected glasses, and an anti-ransomware Batman. That’s what you have to look forward to in 2017. Read our tech predictions on the year to come. Unlike Nostradamus and the Aztec Calendar, we’ll tell you what’s coming in no uncertain terms.