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How to Hot Add & Remove Hyper-V Memory, Network Adapters

One of the neat new features of Windows Server 2016 is the ability to hot add and remove memory from your Hyper-V Guests. Officially known as ‘Runtime Memory Resize‘, this trick saves you a lot of time. This feature is different from Dynamic Memory, which we’ve had since Windows Server 2012. The key difference is: Dynamic

BackupAssist v9.5 released
Product Releases

BackupAssist v9.5 Released! Now Supports Windows Server 2016.

Itching to upgrade to Windows Server 2016? Now you can, and keep your backups completely intact. Version 9.5 is out, and it includes baseline support for Microsoft’s server software. So what exactly is baseline support? Well, it means that you will be able to use BackupAssist and all its features on Windows Server 2016, starting with the

Flip Phones and Windows Server 2003 - the same era.

Windows Server 2003 — Don’t get stuck in the Noughties

It’s 2003. The new Millenium has just begin. iTunes is launched, fresh on the back of new and popular iPod. The Human Genome project is completed. The Iraq War begins despite millions of worldwide protests. Beijing schools are closed over fear of SARS. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates.


Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Launched! Try It Out Now

Today at the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Microsoft officially launched its latest server operating system, Windows Server 2016. Eager to try it out? You can download the evaluation version here. Microsoft also announced at the conference that Windows Server 2016 will be on the October price list. Volume licensing customers will be able to download fully licensed software at

Windows Server 2016 features

What to look forward to in Windows Server 2016

In software years, three years or older is ancient. And age is not kind to it. Software limps towards the finish line, riddled with compatibility issues and security exploits. The more famous and crucial the software—like a Windows OS—the greater the weathers of time. It’s no wonder, then, that Windows thought it was high time for

free VMware to Hyper-V switch

Free Switching from VMware to Hyper-V; Microsoft’s Big Bid

Thinking of switching from VMware to Hyper-V? Microsoft is breaking out all the stops to poach their competitor’s customers, even offering free licenses to Windows Server Datacenter. With Microsoft’s imminent release of Windows Server 2016, scheduled for September with its new per-core licensing, it seems Microsoft is trying to get as many converts before the new product release.