The Definitive Ransomware Protection Guide for Business in 2020
Prepare - Survive - Recover

Backup Tales of SysAdmins – A Children’s Book For Users

Let’s face it: explaining why backups are important to your users (or management) can feel like talking to toddlers. Instead of “money doesn’t grow on trees”, you’re just replacing it with “keeping a copy of vital work documents is important because things can happen to them.” Cue the unapologetic crying like they’ve got a scraped knee

3-2-1 rule of backup - Happy World Backup Day

3-2-1…Happy World Backup Day! Now Get Planning

Happy World Backup Day, fellow IT Pros!  It’s like the Birthday party of data protection.  The Thanksgiving of recoverability.  The Hanukkah of… OK, OK, we’ll stop.  The point is, World Backup Day is a great opportunity to take stock of what you’re doing to make sure your business continuity is in tip-top shape.  This year, we