We Had Good Times. But Tape, I’m Breaking Up With You

Breaking up with Tape Backup

Look, tape, we’ve had some good times. But I don’t really see a future with us together. I think we’re better off as friends.

And I’ve got to tell you something important… I’ve been seeing other backup media.

I know we’ve built a lot of infrastructure together. But I think I’m just settling for you. In the end, I’ve also got to do what makes our servers really happy. And yes, I’m bringing our servers into it.

But I just think we’re on two different paths right now. I need someone non-linear and always available. Someone with faster recovery times. Someone who I can really rely on to get the job done.

I’ve left our mix-tape in a box. I’m sorry, but I’ve got an account on Spotify.

I know you thought I’d never leave you. You always said a new backup process would incur a significant initial investment, and I’d never get it approved by management. But you were wrong. I did a Powerpoint with Jerry and they’re in agreement: after the last server crash, we need to seriously reduce our RTO.

It’s going to be hard. We’ve got five years of memory together. But I’m transferring that to a disc-based solution. A lot of our photos will go on the NAS.

I know there’s someone out there for you. There’s a lot of I.T. guys who would be happy to have you. But you’re just not a good fit for our business model.



Whether your backup media status is “Tape”, “NAS”, or “Other”, BackupAssist has you covered. We offer fast and reliable backup & disaster recovery for any medium. Read more.

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