Twelve Tacky Tech Ties For Father’s Day


Father’s Day. The day in which you show fathers how much you appreciate them raising you for about two decades… by getting them a single clothing accessory. Seems legit.

If you’re almost anywhere else in the world other than Australia (A June father’s day? Naw mate, we’re doing it in September), Father’s day is just around the corner. And you’re probably either looking for something to buy your dear old dad, or if you have kids, subtly hinting to them what you really want.

(Of course, if they’re young enough, you’ll just be searching for a father’s day gift to give to yourself).

Ties, of course, are a great gift for dads. Many men subtly express themselves through their ties. I have a friend who has a completely normal tie, until you flip it around and find a superhero emblazoned beneath. It gives him confidence in meetings, and also speaks to his inner geek. It’s often the only piece of clothing in a business environment you get to make your own.

For those looking for a gift for father’s day, or simply looking to express their love of tech through a simple neck-tie, here are some fantastic* ties that are worth checking out.

* Fantastic is relative. 

The QWERTY tie: The Key to Success!

It’s the perfect type.



Retro PC Silk Tie

When you need people to know you’re as old school as floppy disks and Wordstar.



A… Tetris-playing tie?

Speaking of retro, how about a LED Tetris tie? It’s a real thing; check out the video.


The Circuit Board Tie

A motherboard tie for father’s day? It’s a lot to process.

circuit_board_tie_etsy (1)


Low-Res Pixel Tie

I remember when we only had 8-bit reality. But tell kids that these days, and they won’t believe you.



The After Dark Toast Tie

If you don’t get this, just move right along.



The Linux Tux

If you’re a Linux fan (which makes me mildly suspicious as to how you got to this blog), this tie is a real ice breaker.

Get it? Because penguins… and ice… and… just, you know, go buy the tie, alright?



Copy This Trend: The Floppy Disk Tie

Ah, the floppy disk. From your unusual and controversial beginnings to the near-universal save symbol. If you’re a SysAdmin, what better statement that you’re here to save the day?



I’m a Fan of This Tie

Good old Japan. From the country that gave birth to the bladed defense wig comes this second gem; a stylish tie that conceals a USB fan.



Speaking of USB Ports…

… This bow-tie is unique in that it boasts USB, serial, and RJ-45 support. You can’t say that of many ties.



E=MC2 Tie: Appeals to the Masses

Fashion is relative.




Silk Xkcd Tie

If you don’t know what Xkcd is, then you’re not working in IT.



Bought or received any cool or geeky gifts for father’s day? Share your thoughts or stories!
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