Windows File Manager (from 1990) Now Available in Win 10 Store

Want to party like it's 1990? Now you can. The archaic Windows File Manager from 1990 is now available for Windows 10.

Are you still using Windows 3.0 on your Compaq Deskpro 365? Refused to upgrade to Windows 95 because of its gaudy graphics? Do you desperately want this ‘cloud’ thing, but you don’t want to give an inch?

Now there’s a solution for you! Microsoft has made the Windows File Manager from Windows 3.0 available in Windows 10. Now you can be one of those people who drives a Ford Model T down a highway, repeatedly being passed by SUVs with triple airbags and ABS. Gimmicks and tomfoolery!

For a bit of background, Microsoft opened its source code for this old file manager and posted it on GitHub. Now, anyone can install it directly from the Microsoft Store. It is believed this is a bid to point out the sheer extent of Windows backwards capability.

It’s the age of nostalgia and bringing things back. This seems to apply to file browsers as well. Expect a full remake of Chip’s Challenge, Encarta, and the return of that big Degauss button on your monitor.

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