BackupAssist Licensing Guidelines

This article provides an outline of what is included in the BackupAssist base license and what is covered by each of the BackupAssist add-on products.

The BackupAssist licensing model is designed to be simple and cost-effective. Unlike other backup software packages, BackupAssist is designed so you only have to pay for what you need. This table shows how the BackupAssist licensing model works.


BackupAssist licenses

System Protection backup

BackupAssist base license

Note: You only need one BackupAssist base license per installation, regardless of which add-ons you are using on that installation.

A base BackupAssist installation will contain the add-on features which can be unlocked with the purchase of add-on licenses.

File Protection backup

File Archiving backup

BackupAssist Restore Console


Granular mail item restore from an Exchange Server backup

Exchange Granular add-on

SQL Server transaction level backups and restores

SQL Continuous add-on

Rsync support for File Protection backups

Offsite Backup add-on

Granular restore of data from within a Hyper-V Guest

Hyper-V Advanced add-on

Tape drive support for File Archiving backups

Tape Archiving add-on

Standalone BackupAssist license with only File Protection Rsync backups enabled

Standalone Offsite Backup

Note: When a Standalone license is purchased it may not be used with any other BackupAssist backup engine besides the one associated with the add-on, providing you with limited functionality. Attempting to run a backup using any unlicensed backup engine will result in a failed backup due to a licensing error.

What does "Free Trial" mean?

Free Trial means you have full use of BackupAssist and all of its add-ons for the duration specified. At the end of that period a license will be required to continue using the products. If you only purchase the BackupAssist base license any backups or restore that require an add-on will not be available, unless the add-on is purchased.

Please be aware that you will need to recreate any recovery media made with RecoverAssist after you purchase a BackupAssist base license.

Why am I experiencing licensing error issues after purchasing BackupAssist?

Any backups created during your trial period will fail to run after the trial has expired unless the required licenses are in place.

Why do I need the Exchange Granular add-on?

You should purchase this add-on in order to browse mailboxes and restore individual mail items from an Exchange backup. Without this add-on you will only be able to restore entire Exchange databases, but often all that needs to be restored is an end-user's missing email or contact.

More details on the BackupAssist Exchange Solution are available at our Exchange Features page.

Why do I need the BackupAssist SQL Continuous add-on?

If a BackupAssist base license is installed on the SQL Server, you can backup the SQL databases using the System Protection, File Protection and File Archiving Engines included in the BackupAssist base license. The BackupAssist SQL Add-on makes backing up and restoring much easier and provides the following benefits:

  • Backup remote SQL databases
  • Transactional backups can be scheduled throughout the day. You can use these to perform a restore of your SQL Server to a specific point in time (within a 15 minute window), reducing the amount of data or transaction loss you would incur if your system should fail
  • Provides a second backup method to fully protect your SQL databases in case the primary backup file of your SQL database cannot be restored

More details on the BackupAssist SQL Solution are available at our SQL Features page.

What is the Tape Archiving add-on used for?

This add-on allows you to backup to a tape drive if you are creating a File Archiving backup.

What is Cloud Backup add-on used for?

This add-on allows you to back up data to remote data centers across the internet. It is available as an add-on or as a Standalone product. The Standalone version only allow File Protection backups using Rsync and no other facilities or add-on products can be used.

Do I need the Hyper-V Advanced add-on?

If you have a Windows Hyper-V Server, we recommend the use of both the BackupAssist base license and the Hyper-V Granular Restore Add-on. Together they perform fast, one-pass image backups of the Host and can restore individual items from the Guest VMs in minutes.

More details on the BackupAssist Hyper-V Solution are available at our Hyper-V Features page