NAS Server Backup

The term Network Attached Storage (NAS) describes computer storage devices that can be accessed across a computer network instead than being directly attached to the computer. NAS devices enable many computers to share the same backup server at one time. NAS has came forth as a mighty, demonstrated technology for hiving away information that demands to be shared in the office or the home. NAS backup servers enable home and business enterprise users to easily share large amounts of data in a cost-effective and save large amounts of money.

A number of elements are making NAS server backup a very popular solution in the home and business:

NAS offers a handy way for users to add warehousing to all devices in the home or office. By appending a high-capacity NAS to a network, all of the devices in the electronic network are able to at the same time get at and utilize this storage. NAS extends a simple solution to sharing files, music, photos, etc.

NAS devices are commonly used as backup servers. Rather than buying a USB external backup device for every single computer in your home or business office, a single NAS can be bought and all computers on the network can backup to the NAS backup server. This completely eradicates the need to walk from PC to PC or computer to laptop when you want to backup, archive and restore business critical info. The NAS will be accessible on each machine as a destination address for your backup or generator for a restore.

NAS devices have many features that make sharing data files easy. They allows people to share files on the NAS backup server with anyone attached to the Internet through a Web browser or mobile phone. NAS devices also include other sharing technologies such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Multimedia Streaming. Many NAS dserver evices includemultimedia streaming protocols. This streaming from the NAS backup server allows users to stream content from the NAS to any supported playback device (TV, Consoles, Set-top boxes).