RecoverAssist reference sheet

Technical specifications and guidelines for performing a recovery using RecoverAssist.

When a hardware or software failure has occurred, it is critical to recover your system quickly. RecoverAssist achieves this by creating a bootable media that can start and recover your server or workstation using an image backup.

RecoverAsssit's Recovery Reference Sheet is a PDF that can be selected from the PDF link at the top of this page. The reference sheet provides a summary of information needed to ensure that your recovery works as intended.

The Recovery Reference Sheet includes information on the following areas:

  • BIOS / EFI considerations
  • A computer's BIOS or EFI (a chip containing basic hardware settings) detects the hardware needed to start the computer.

  • Operating System considerations
  • The reference sheet provides detailed information on how to create a RecoverAsssit media for different types of operating systems.

  • Back up considerations
  • To perform a recovery, you will need a backup that contains all of the data required to recover the computer. The reference sheet explains the type of backup requirement for a successful recovery

  • Hardware considerations
  • When planning a recovery, it is important to know the details of the disks that were backed up to create the image backup, and the disks on the computer that you plan to recover. The Recovery Reference Sheet explains these considerations.