The Recover Tab & RecoverAssist

When a hardware or software failure has occurred, it is critical to recover your system quickly. RecoverAssist achieves this by creating a bootable media that can start and then recover your server or workstation using an image backup.

BackupAssist's Recovery tab uses RecoverAssist, a built-in feature that creates a customized, bootable RecoverAssist media, such as a disk or external drive. This media will start your computer and access a backup image to perform a bare-metal recovery, and recover your system. The backup image can be a BackupAssist System Protection backup, created using the bare-metal option. This image will include the operating system, configurations, and any data and applications selected for the backup.

Important : If a RecoverAssist media is created during the trial period, it will expire. The RecoverAssist media will need to be re-created once a BackupAssist license has been purchased. This must be done after you purchase a license, if you want to have a permanent, bootable recovery media.