Recent Iomega® certification elevates BackupAssist to challenge industry giants

Melbourne, Australia - March 7, 2005 - An Australian company has entered the exclusive list for backup software products certified for use with Iomega's REV drive technology - alongside industry giants Veritas, Computer Associates and EMC Dantz.

Melbourne-based Cortex I.T. is understandably excited at this development. "BackupAssist has been growing in popularity for some time now, and Iomega's certification indicates that we're now challenging the major players," said Linus Chang, the Managing Director of Cortex I.T. "It's great news for the Australian software industry when a product, developed and marketed right here in Melbourne, can attain recognition from Iomega, a global leader of the storage industry... it's a huge achievement for us."

"We've worked with Iomega to ensure the REV drive and BackupAssist are able to operate seamlessly together, thus providing customers with a combined hardware / software backup solution suited for the SMB market," added Chang. "We believe that Iomega has found the quality and price of BackupAssist to be the most compelling features, and the fact that we target more or less the same market."

The REV drive is Iomega's latest venture into the storage market and competes directly with tape as a backup and archiving solution for small- to medium-level enterprise, with speed and durability counted among its advantages. "Coupled with BackupAssist, we feel that the REV is a great solution for small businesses, effectively challenging the Travan and DDS-4 standards," said Chang.

The backup software shipped with Iomega's REV drives is suitable for home users, but not businesses, explained Chang. BackupAssist offers proper support for file servers, Exchange Server and SQL Server. BackupAssist is one of only two products that Iomega has tested and certified as REV drive compatible - the other being Microsoft's Windows Backup.

About Cortex I.T.

Cortex I.T. is an Australian technology company, specializing in developing software products for small to medium business. Since its founding in 2001, Cortex I.T. has quickly gained international success and a worldwide reputation as a leader in backup management software, with its flagship product - BackupAssist.

For more information, please contact Linus Chang on +61 3 9899 4681 or BackupAssist.

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