4 great ways to spend the time saved by remote management

save time with remote management

MultiSite Manager is here.  And oh boy, has your job just got a heck of a lot easier.  Remote management for your backups, restores, updates and reports is going to save you more time than you’ll know what to do with.  Well, we have a few ideas to help out.

Here are 4 great ways you can spend all that time you’ve saved by using MultiSite Manager remote management.

Build yourself a book-igloo

remote management time spent - book igloo

Image: Geekfill.com

Learn to play the accordion…like this!

Spend some quality time with your kids

Or just mess with your kids instead…

Remote management will give you the time to prank your kids

 Image: Geekfill.com

How can you start saving quality time by using remote management?

It’s easy.  Just download your 30 day free trial of MultiSite Manager today.

MultiSite Manager is an easy to use web application that lets you remotely manage backups, restores and updates on all your BackupAssist licenses – for all your sites, no matter where you are.  You can also view detailed reports and notifications, or schedule them to be emailed to someone who’ll view them for you.  All via your WAN or LAN connection, on any web-capable device.

The days of manually going from server to server, site to site, city to city to schedule backups and perform fast restores is over.  Remote Management is here.  MultiSite Manager is here.  And your job has never been easier.

Want to discover the full features offered by MultiSite Manager? We’ve got you covered.

Want to read over the technical specs and dive deeper into the full functionality? You can do that too, plus there’s a ton of useful info in our documentation section.

Want to get started today and save time with easy remote management for backups and restores?

We thought you might – start your free 30 day trial now.


How do you like to spend time new technology has earned you?
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