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Can RAID be a Backup Substitute?

Both RAID and backups are there to keep your data safe. So can you use RAID instead of backups? We answer that question and more in this article.

Cyber Resilience

Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Guide

Backing Up Your System Perform regular bare metal backups on a daily basis Using either one of the standard rotation schemes within BackupAssist, or your own customized backup schedule, setup BackupAssist to perform a regular bare metal backup of your critical data files, system state, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. For some people


Restoring files and folders with Windows Server Backup

Before attempting to restore files and folders using Windows Server Backup from a drive image backup created with BackupAssist, make sure of the following: You are completing the restore with Windows Server 2008. Windows Vista only provides support for drive volume restore. The backup you wish to restore from is located on either an external


Hyper-V backup best practice guide

This guide explains how to create reliable, best practice Hyper-V backup of your Hyper-V Server using BackupAssist System Protection. File Protection and File Archiving can also be used to back up Hyper-V environments, but System Protection is our recommended backup type for Hyper-V because it supports: Customized Hyper-V destination, CSV and Exchange Server detection steps


Tape Backup made simple with BackupAssist

At last, small and medium sized businesses have a simple tape backup software solution for Windows Servers. Simple installation and setup of a tape backup scheme Simple scheduling and setup with wizards Tape rotation instructions and result logs sent to you by email Tape backup of Windows Servers, Exchange Servers or SQL Servers A low-cost tape backup


VSS backup and restore with BackupAssist

What is a VSS backup? A VSS backup is an application-consistent backup that uses the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service, a storage management framework designed for Windows, to create point-in-time copies (or snapshots) of drives where files are in use. In summary, VSS works as follows: BackupAssist sends a request to VSS to perform a


Incremental backups of Windows Server 2008.

The BackupAssist Help Desk has received a number of questions concerning how to perform incremental backups on Server 2008. These questions have emerged largely as a result of the removal of NTBackup from newer versions of Windows, which is a backup engine that offered a simple way of scheduling incremental backups on older Operating Systems,


System state restore from a Windows Image backup

Using Windows Server backup on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012, you can restore your system state using the command line. A system state backup includes a backup of the Registry; COM+ Class Registration database; Boot files, including the system files; Certificate Services database; Active Directory service; SYSVOL directory; Cluster service information; IIS Metadirectory;


Bare metal recovery (entire server) from a Windows Image backup

Using Windows Server backup on Windows Server 2008 you can recover your server operating system or the entire server. An operating system restore will only recover critical drive volumes that contain system components; conduct the full server recovery should you wish to restore all volumes. Before attempting to complete an operating system or full server


When Should You Replace Your Server?

If you’re wondering if you should replace your server or not, wonder no more. Here’s the answer to if you should upgrade your hardware or show it the door.


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