BackupAssist and BackBlaze B2 cloud storage support – high durability, easy and reliable backups.

Does BackupAssist support BackBlaze B2 as a cloud storage destination? Yes, absolutely. It's easy to set up, and the two technologies make for a compelling combination for secure, fast, reliable and cost effective business-grade backups.
  1. Who are Backblaze B2 cloud storage?
  2. BackupAssist + Backblaze B2 performance
  3. How much does Backblaze B2 cost compared to Amazon S3?
  4. How to get started with BackupAssist and BackBlaze B2

Who are Backblaze B2 cloud storage?

Since the advent of Amazon Web Services, many cloud service providers have emerged and evolved.  Some have expanded their services to deliver IaaS, PaaS, and even SaaS.  However, there are some providers like Backblaze that have stayed focused on cloud storage to provide low-cost and yet scalable cloud storage that suits a wide range of applications, including system backups.

Backblaze was founded in 2007 and has data centers in the US and EU.  Their Backblaze B2 cloud service supports S3 compatible object storage.  Backblaze B2 charges around a fifth of the price of the major cloud service providers like AWS and Azure, and while their upload and download performance lag the major providers, most SMEs will find them more than sufficient for the purpose of daily incremental backups. Backblaze B2 has an SLA of 99.9% availability and claims 11 Nines “Data Durability” – making a strong case for reliability.

BackupAssist + Backblaze B2 performance

We recently ran an experiment comparing the performance of Backblaze B2 and AWS S3, and the results are summarized in the table below.

Machine Details Azure VM:
  • Location: West US 2 data center
  • 4 core, 16GB RAM
  • 15GB of random test data
Backup/Upload Time Recovery/Download time
AWS S3 (us-west 1) 15m 38s 10m 34s
Backblaze B2 (us-west-002) 35m 41s 14m 45s

How much does Backblaze B2 cost compared to Amazon S3?

Below is a price comparison between AWS S3 and Backblaze B2:

Storage cost
cost ($/mth/GB)
($ per requests)
($ per request)
(us-west 1)
(Standard S3)
0.09 0.0000055* 0.00000044
Backblaze B2 0.005 0.01

* Note: for a 1TB backup, there will be roughly 1,000,000 PUT requests (which would cost $5.50).

How to get started with BackupAssist and BackBlaze B2

  1. Firstly choose which BackupAssist product will suit you better:
    • BackupAssist ER – full system backups stored locally and in the cloud
    • BackupAssist Classic – full system backups stored locally; file & application backups to the cloud
  2. Download and install the 30 day free trial

    BackupAssist ER BackupAssist Classic

  3. Sign up for Backblaze B2
  4. If required – migrate your existing backups from your existing cloud to Backblaze by following our cloud migration instructions.
  5. Configure BackupAssist by following these instructions:

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