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Where are Wiki pages in Microsoft Teams stored, and how do you back them up?

For users, Microsoft Teams Wikis are a great way to publish information relevant to a channel, collaborate, and learn without leaving the Teams app. For administrators, backing up Teams Wiki pages is an important part of business continuity and compliance. Here, we will take a look at where Microsoft Teams Wikis are stored and how to back up Teams Wiki pages.

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What are SharePoint Subsites, and how do you back them up?

SharePoint sites and subsites are only really different by name, because sites and subsites have the same functionality. However, they are managed in different places in the SharePoint admin center, and have a slightly different permissions model.

Cyber Resilience

Tomorrow, it’ll be the 20th anniversary of our company’s incorporation!

Back in 2001, when I started the company, it was a complete (and naïve) leap of faith into the unknown. Like many before me, I started with no capital, no experience, no product, and only a vague idea that I wanted to create a business that had something to do with computer software.

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Where are files in Microsoft Teams stored, and how do you back them up?

With the rapid update of Microsoft Teams in the new work from home environment, collaboration has never been easier. Understandably, many system administrators wonder where Teams stores their files, as these should be backed up as part of a good cyber resilience plan. This article sheds light on this issue!

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How we migrated from on-premise Exchange Server to Office 365 in a hurry

Due to the recent Exchange Server vulnerabilities, we were keen to decommission our on-premise Exchange Server and move to Office 365 in a hurry. That enabled us to perfect a migration method that worked smoothly and met all of our business objectives. We think it’s certainly worth sharing!


Your first full backup of Office 365 – your top questions answered!

If you’re backing up your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 tenant for the first time with BackupAssist 365, you probably have a lot of questions.

How long will it take? Will I be throttled? Are there security considerations to think about? These and many other questions will be answered here!