BackupAssist 6.2.8 update now available for download.

G’day folks,

We have recently made BackupAssist v6.2.8 available to the public!

BackupAssist v6.2.8 is a maintenance release fixing some minor issues as reported by our user and reseller communities, plus our testers and developers. The most significant changes with this update are:

  • Zip-to-Tape: We’ve fixed an issue where a Zip-to-Tape restore job would not cancel properly. BackupAssist would say it had cancelled the restore, but in fact the tape job would still keep going! Then you might try to do another restore and the system would throw a hissy fit because the tape drive was actually still in use. Now Zip-to-Tape restore jobs are properly terminated.
  • TrueCrypt: We’ve fixed doing a single instance store for destinations with TrueCrypt-compatible encryption. Previously, because of issues checking for previous backups, a full backup might happen instead of a faster incremental backup.
  • Zip: We’ve updated the Zip compression library to fix some of errors that people had seen during restores. (Though we suspect most of these errors were related to the Zip-to-Tape issue above.) We’ve also limited the number of skipped files allowed in a Zip backup to 100. Now, if that limit is reached we terminate the backup and report the problem as an error. Previously the backup would run to the end and then the problem would be reported as a warning. Now you get to know about this issue sooner so that you can take appropriate action.

Of course, BackupAssist v6.2.8 also has a number of other fixes and improvements in the following areas: CMC/Web, Installer, User Interface, plus Zip and NTBackup. Full release notes are available here.

If you haven’t already updated to the important maintenance release BackupAssist v6.2.7, skip it and go straight to this update.

Please don’t forget to download and install your BackupAssist v6.2.8 update from here.

That’s all for now folks.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at

A big thanks to the BackupAssist Community for reporting issues and suggesting improvements.

The BackupAssist Team

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