BackupAssist Exchange Mailbox Add-on and Windows Server Core

In order to perform a mailbox export from Windows Server 2008 Core using the BackupAssist Exchange Mailbox Add-on there is additional step that is not required for a “full” installation of Windows Server 2008.

Before you begin you will need the following:

• A Windows Server 2008 Core system set up with BackupAssist v5 or later
• A copy of the mapi32.dll from either:
%system drive%\windows\system32 (for a 32bit install of Server Core)
%system drive%\windows\sysWOW64 (for a 64bit install of Server Core)
These files can be found on a full installation of Windows Server 2008.

After creating an Exchange Mailbox job with “ANSI PST using Exchange” PST format and ensuring that you choose to install the “Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client (and CDO) 1.2.1” package. You will need to copy the mapi.dll into the appropriate directory on the Server Core installation.
You will now be able to perform an export of your Exchange mailboxes from Server Core!

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