BackupAssist v6 Beta 1 – test out some new features coming soon in BackupAssist v6!

We’re pleased to announce that a new public beta test is now available! BackupAssist v6 Beta 1 is the first in a series of beta tests we’ll be performing before the release of BackupAssist v6. The new features to be tested in BackupAssist v6 Beta 1 include:

  1. Full, Incremental, Differential and Copy backups using the Zip Engine.
  2. VSS application backup and restore using the File Replication, Zip, Rsync and Imaging Engines.
  3. System State backup and restore using the File Replication, Zip and Imaging Engines.
  4. File and folder restore from Image backups using the BackupAssist Restore Console.
  5. Integrated Exchange Mailbox backups in File Replication, Zip, Rsync, and Imaging jobs.

BackupAssist Beta Testers are always the first to try out new BackupAssist features on their systems. By registering now, you’ll get a great opportunity to be involved with the development of the next generation of the BackupAssist product and be able to make suggestions for additions and improvements.

As a BackupAssist Beta Tester, you will receive a notification email each time a new beta becomes available to download. You just run it on your in-house system and let us know what you think. At the end of the beta testing series, our “Most Helpful Beta Testers” will receive a prize of a new BackupAssist v6 license!

To register as a BackupAssist Beta Tester and receive a notification to download BackupAssist v6 Beta 1 as soon as it becomes available, please visit:

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