Brand New: BackupAssist v7.3

The latest update to BackupAssist is now available for download with a brand new feature exclusive to version 7.3, Direct Exchange Injection for our new add-on, Exchange Granular Restore.

Direct Exchange Injection lets you take mail items from a backup and restore them directly into a live Exchange Server. Say you’re looking for a deleted email or a lost meeting request, once you’ve found the missing item in your Exchange backup you simply choose to restore it to its original location. The whole process takes only three clicks and is a time saving and hassle-free way to get users’ email back into their Outlook.

As well as Direct Exchange Injection there are a host of new improvements and updates including:

  • Improved appearance of Central Administration on certain web browsers
  • Better authentication of backup connections to NAS devices
  • Enhanced reporting and notifications including destination details in reports and the option to manually define media usage thresholds
  • Clearer descriptions for backup jobs and other UI and alert improvements

If you haven’t used BackupAssist before, you can get a fully functional, 30 day trial version of BackupAssist. If you are already a BackupAssist customer with valid Upgrade Protection, you can upgrade to Version 7.3 over here. You can check your Upgrade Protection at our Customer page.


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