BackupAssist 365

How to back up Office 365, SharePoint Online and Teams Documents for free – updated for 2022

Many businesses, small and large, now use Office 365 (Microsoft 365) and SharePoint Online as a file share in the cloud. We look at two free and one inexpensive way to back up those Document Libraries, protecting yourself from data corruption and deletion. Best of all, all three methods are fast and easy… and as a bonus, they can also be used to back up files in Microsoft Teams.


Cloud Storage Primer

Convenient? Yes! Confusing? Not anymore. Let’s look at cloud storage types, costs and options.


How secure is my backup data when stored in the cloud?

We all know that storing your backups in the cloud is a very convenient way of getting an offsite backup. But how secure is it exactly? This article explains things in plain English, comparing the security of cloud and on-premise backups, and we finish with some practical advice on how to choose between cloud backups and swapping USB or RDX hard disks.