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Educating Non-Tech Employees: Tips and Tricks

Have you got a presentation on something technical coming up? Here’s how to keep your listeners from tuning out and get your message across.

An IT Thanksgiving Checklist

Another day, another user problem. Here’s a list of things you could give thanks for… if you were lucky enough that they actually happened.

The Unfinished Revolution of the Mouse

Today, almost a century ago, the computer mouse was born. What you may not know is it was made by a man many once considered mad.

When Should You Replace Your Server?

If you’re wondering if you should replace your server or not, wonder no more. Here’s the answer to if you should upgrade your hardware or show it the door.

10 Funniest Ways to Report Data Loss

All the company’s data is gone. As the SysAdmin, you’re the one who has to break the bad news. But hey, why not make it fun? It’s not like things can get any worse!

NYPD Admits to No Database Backups

“That’s insane.” These were the words a Supreme Court Judge uttered again and again, when the NYPD admitted it had no backups for seized evidence.