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BackupAssist Advanced Case Study: Arquitectonica

BackupAssist transforms backup and recovery experience for architectural firm Arquitectonica with its set-and-forget software.

Arquitectonica Protects Data with BackupAssist

A prominent architectural firm, Arquitectonica, has deployed BackupAssist to meet its business, legal and regulation compliance mandates.

Ransomware: Only 26% Who Pay Get Data Back

If you are hit by ransomware and decide to pay the ransom, studies show there’s a three in four chance you still won’t get your data back.

BackupAssist & GDPR compliance

There are a lot of changes coming to how your personnel data is managed by organisations and companies – and it all kicks off on May 25th. Over the past few weeks you’ve probably received […]

Beware the GandCrab: New Ransomware Threat

A new strain of ransomware, GandCrab, is on the loose. Here’s the signs you should look for, and how to protect your users and machines.

The Difference Between Cloud Backup, Storage & Sync

What is the difference between cloud backup, cloud storage, and cloud sync? Learn the difference so you don’t use the wrong tool for the job.