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The Shrug Ransomware: The Laziest Attempt Ever?

Usually, a ransomware infection is a good reason to panic. But if you’re hit by this sloppily made ransomware, you can ‘shrug’ it off with ease.

Know This Tech? Signs You Worked IT in the 80’s

Do you remember tearing the edges off printer paper? How about installing Windows with floppy disks? Here’s some of the signs you worked with the tech of the 80’s.

What’s the Worst Ransomware Can Do? You’d Be Surprised.

You’ve heard of ransomware. But did you know it can do a lot more than just encrypt your files? Here’s how bad it can really get.

BackupAssist Named to Backup Review’s “Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies for June 2018”

With BackupAssist, SMBs can protect their data with as much power as any enterprise, at a fraction of the cost.

How to Choose a Cloud Backup Solution

Searching for a cloud backup solution for your small to medium business? Here’s some of the features you should be ticking off your list.

Some Backup and Data Recovery Tricks

Here’s some tips and tricks to keep your business safe – and how to bring it back ASAP when disaster strikes. Handy for beginners and pros.