Exchange Server 2007 backup with continuous replication

UPDATE: Exchange 2007 backup on Server 2008 is now possible thanks to a plug-in released with BackupAssist v5.2. Find out more.

Hi all,

This refers to backing up Exchange Server 2007 with the BackupAssist plug-in for Windows Server Backup.

If your Exchange Server 2007 is running continuous replication, then VSS backups will NOT be done on the actual Exchange databases. Instead, they are done on the replica of the databases, as noted in Scott Schnoll’s blog:

So for example, if you use LCR and your Exchange databases are stored on E: and the copy is stored on F:, you’ll need to select F: for backup.

If your copy is on a different server (CCR) then it doesn’t look like it’s possible to backup Exchange locally. I’m trying to confirm this with some of our customers.

I’ll keep everyone posted on developments.



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