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Hi all,

I was recently asked – if you want to receive email reports in BackupAssist, but don’t have access to a SMTP server, how can you do it?

A possible solution is to use Gmail. You can use to send emails to different domains.

To set this all up:

  1. Register for your free Gmail account
  2. In BackupAssist, set up the email server parameters (from the Global options tab) as follows:

    Emails come from this person:
    SMTP Server:
    Port 465
    Connection type: SSL/TLS
    Password: your.password

  3. For each job that you want to send out notifications, add a Report Notification to send to your designated email account. It can be on a different domain to

Note: when I tried this process last year, I recall I had to enable POP forwarding to get the smtp server to allow the connection. However, today when I tried on my account, I disabled POP forwarding and was still able to send.


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